What our customers say

Our mission

We help young professionals to complement their style in a fashion-conscious manner with high-quality and practical accessories.

Our products are made for go-getters who stand for their values, take their fate into their own hands and thus constantly challenge the status quo.

Why have we founded Leonardo Leone?

We have long been displeased that large brands sell their goods with a massive markup and take advantage of their loyal customers.

This was reason enough for us to design our own products that meet our high-quality standards at an excellent price and offer great value with a certain sophistication.

We value the communication on par with our customers. We take feedback as a suggestion to make our products and service even better.

David versus Goliath

Our reputation precedes us. Even before the first product starts selling, we receive mail from overzealous brand lawyers of a huge shoe retailer.

The legal costs are painful, after all, the cash register is not quite as full as a young startup.

We do not give up despite the setbacks and continue to pursue our dream of developing innovative accessories for men in an attractive design at fair prices.